eiengineering gp bucket

Excavator Buckets

Our range of high-performance excavator buckets are the hardest working on the market. Built tough using eie80 grade high strength steel construction and built to outlast. With high-performance designs, we guarantee that your excavator will have 30% greater performance and save on fuel and running costs.

Excavator Attachments

As well as high-performance digging buckets, we offer other versatile excavator attachments:

eiengineering Compaction wheel
eiengineering get chisel excavator teeth

Ground Engaging Tools

As a professional earthmover, you need Ground Engaging Tools that can not only penetrate compacted ground, but are designed in such a way to improve digging and machine efficiency, retain their sharpness, allow for fast and easy tooth replacement and reduce overall machine downtime. eiengineering has a large range to choose from.

Spare Parts

Need replacement parts for equipment in a hurry? We offer a range of Spare Parts including Teeth and Adapters, Side Cutters, Bucket Pins, Plow Bolts and Hydraulic Cylinders. We can quickly ship replacement parts to any business, no matter the location!

eiengineering side cutters

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