High Performance Excavator Attachments

Our Buckets are designed to dig more efficiently
Saving Contractors $25,000 per year on fuel, operator & service costs

Designed to deliver greater productivity

eiengineering excavator buckets and attachments are designed to enhance the performance of the machine. Constructed from high strength steel, our attachments complements the latest in machine technology in order to deliver greater productivity.

Through many independent field tests where we used the same machine, the same operator in the same ground, eiengineering buckets outperformed the competitors by digging a massive 30-73% more! On a 5 tonne machine, you could save $25k per year in fuel, operator and service costs. The bigger the machine, the bigger the savings.

Attachment Rentals

Until now, all excavator attachments have needed to be “brand specific”, however eiengineering have now introduced multi fit excavator attachments. These include Excavator Buckets, Hammers, Hydraulic Grapples, Skeleton Buckets, Mud Buckets, Tilting Mud Buckets, Trenching Buckets, Compaction Wheels, etc. ideal for all Construction Rental applications.

Highly competitive daily, weekly and monthly hire rates on offer, contact your local eiengineering Dealer for more information.

Our excavator attachments are designed for

eiengineering mud bucket Hidromek

Highest Grade Steel

All eiengineering attachments are constructed from eie80 grade high strength steel. It is 3 x times stronger and 3 x more abrasion resistant than mild steel 250 grade with a 28-30 Rockwell C or 250 – 280 Brinell

eiengineering Rock Digging Bucket Volvo

Earth-Dynamic Design

Our buckets’ unique earth-dynamic design will deliver at least 30% greater performance, so you get your job done faster while saving on fuel, operator and service costs.

eiengineering Komatsu Buckets

Fast Delivery

We have over 3,500 Excavator Attachments plus a massive range of Ground Engaging Tools in our warehouse at all times. This allows us to ship within 3 days Australia wide so you meet your tightest deadlines.

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