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As a dealer, when you sell eiengineering attachments to your customers, you can sell with confidence, knowing that you’re supplying a product that your customers can depend on and that will grow their businesses.

At eiengineering, we’re passionate about creating a future for the earthmoving industry by providing excavator buckets and attachments that drive industry growth. We’re interested in bringing our bucket technology to the world and would love to hear from YOU.

eiengineering rock bucket, mud bucket, GP digging bucket

Sell with confidence

Our excavator buckets are second to none – in fact, our excavator buckets will enhance the performance of your excavators. It is important to realise that Contractors buy excavators to dig and if you supply buckets that cannot dig, they will blame the excavator and your dealership.

When you sell your machine with eiengineering attachments, you can sell with confidence, knowing that you’re supplying a product that works more efficiently than any other on the market, so they can make more money using the combination of your machine and our attachments than with anyone else’s machine and attachments, and because of the materials used in manufacture they will also have a long life that your customers can depend on.

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Deal with professionals

We’re not just bucket re-sellers – we design and manufacture highly efficient products and back our products 100% and you can take that to the bank. Having been leaders in the excavator attachment business for a long time, we understand the industry and your customers. We’re professionals and we work hard to ensure our products work for your dealership.

eiengineering Komatsu Buckets

Fast Delivery

We stock over 3,500 excavator attachments plus a huge range of ground engaging tools in our warehouse at all times, allowing us to ship within 3 days Australia-wide. You won’t be waiting on orders for weeks on end.

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