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GP Digging Buckets

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Mud Buckets


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High Volume Mud Buckets

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Rock Digging Buckets

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Skeleton Buckets

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Excavator Grader Blades

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Single Tyne Rippers

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Hydraulic Hammers

excavator buckets and attachments 2

We have a huge range of excavator buckets and attachments for sale or hire. Designed in Australia for harsh landscape conditions, they are constructed from high-strength steel for durability and longevity.

The current excavator buckets and attachments market is saturated with older style attachments. These are imported based on their price value by companies with limited knowledge in engineering and design.

eiengineering is the only attachment manufacturer that has redesigned and innovated the industry. Our products have evolved to complement the latest machines. eiengineering excavator buckets and attachments are designed to deliver greater productivity. Our products are engineered to complement the geometry of the excavator to enhance machine performance. We have conducted more than 15 digging tests against our competitors. In each and every test, our buckets have outperformed the others by delivering 30 – 73% greater productivity. With eiengineering buckets, you are guaranteed to dig more in less time whilst using less fuel regardless of the machine, the ground condition, or the skill level of the operator.

All of our attachments are constructed from materials that are 3 times more abrasion resistant and 3 times stronger than other brands. Our integrity and aim are to make a significant difference within the earthmoving industry. Therefore, we will never compromise on our design and materials in this price-driven market. We are proud of what we do and what we have achieved to date. With new products currently in the final stages of development and rigorous testing, we are excited about what the future holds.

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