Tough enough to withstand the hardest working conditions, our attachments are 3 times stronger and near indestructible. eie80 grade high strength steel delivers a unique combination of strength, hardness and abrasive resistance.

Our engineers have found highest results using eie80 grade high strength steel in the construction of all eiengineering attachments. This is due to its unique combination of hardness, strength and abrasion resistance while also providing good formability and weldability:

  • eie80 grade is 3 times harder and 4 times stronger and tougher than mild steel.
  • With the right technologies, eie80 grade becomes highly formable, allowing our engineers to craft better double radius designs.
  • With the right techniques, eie80 becomes weldable not only to itself, but other materials, giving our engineers the opportunity to reduce weight and add flexibility in design.

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