Significantly reduce your operating costs and maximise your work output with our latest turbo designed GP Digging Bucket.

Our efficient GP Digging Bucket is engineered with an earth-dynamic design. They cut through the ground with minimal resistance and drag to maximise machine performance. eiengineering GP Buckets generate more breakout force. They load quicker and reduce fuel, operator costs and service and spare parts costs.

Designed by our engineering team, the GP Digging Bucket is our staple bucket design. The double radius design for a shorter pin-to-point dimension* increases digging force and creates the earth-dynamic design resulting in more power at the teeth and easier bucket filling.

Ideally, only the teeth and side-cutting edges come into contact with the material and the body of the bucket just catches the material.

*pin-to-point dimension = the distance between the front bucket pin and the tip of the teeth.

Our buckets pay for themselves

Our GP Digging Bucket represent the best value for money on the market as they substantially decrease your everyday running costs. If you want a tool that’s reliable, digs efficiently and designed to save you money eiengineering buckets will allow you to substantially grow your business and make you money.

Large or Small Machines

It does not matter whether you have a small or a large machine, bucket breakout is important for all machines. Let’s face it, if the machine can’t dig efficiently, you can’t make money.

The most powerful machine on the market with a poorly designed bucket will never make you money. They will not dig well and use more fuel and time to plow through the material.

Strength & Durability is at the Forefront of Construction

Tough enough to withstand the hardest working conditions, our attachments are 3 times stronger and 3 times more abrasions resistant than their mild steel counterparts. Constructed from eie80 grade high strength steel, they deliver a unique combination of strength, hardness and abrasion resistance.

Benefits gained with a GP Digging Bucket

  • Earn More Money Moving More Material – eiengineering buckets move through the ground more efficiently. They can move around 30% more material in the same time as other traditional shaped buckets
  • Reduce Fuel Costs – Because the bucket digs easier with less drag, fuel costs are reduced by 30%.
  • Save Time – With greater bucket capacity and earth-dynamic design, it means that you will be spending less time behind the controls.
  • Reduced Operator costs – When you get the work done 30% quicker, more work is being carried out at the same costs, so profits are increased by 30%
  • Reduced Servicing Costs – When jobs are completed 30% quicker, machine hours are reduced by 30%, increasing service intervals and spare parts costs
  • Sturdy High Strength Steel Construction – Means longer working life of the bucket and less downtime carrying out repairs or modifications.


With superior bucket breakout force and penetration thanks to the short pin-to-point design, reduced drag and improved bucket geometry. eiengineering’s GP Digging Bucket allows efficient digging and loading of material, using less power and less fuel.

Learn more about our earth-dynamic design principles.

All of our GP Digging buckets come with chisel or twin tiger teeth, adaptors, and bucket pins. Side cutters designed to protect the side cutting edges from premature wear, are available as an optional extra.

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