Reduce your costs and maximise your time with our Deep Trench Bucket. Designed for digging trenches that are narrower than the width of the quick coupler, but deeper than a normal bucket.

The traditional way to dig deep, narrow trenches is to “bench out” using a wide bucket to cut a trench much wider than required, then re-cut a narrower trench through the middle. This process can be extremely time consuming and very costly as you are moving much more material than required.

The Deep Trench Bucket is specifically engineered to cut deeper so that less “benching out” is required. This reduces wasted time and costs spent digging extra material out that needs to be reinstated. Because the Deep Trench Bucket is narrower than a normal bucket, it generates more breakout force, digs deeper and reduces time and fuel costs.

Longer in design and quite shallow in depth, the Deep Trench Bucket is also ideal when digging in wet conditions. Less surface area in the sides of the bucket releases wet material more easily, saving even more time and money.

Our Deep Trench Buckets are available with teeth and adapters or with a bolt-on-edge for safer digging around services. The tooth version has teeth splayed to give good clearance through the cut. This means the bucket does not jam in wet clay or loose material, ensuring greater fuel economy and faster cycle times.

Proven Performance & Profitability Guaranteed

Tough enough to withstand the hardest working conditions, our attachments are 3 times stronger and near indestructible. eie80 grade steel delivers a unique combination of strength, hardness and abrasion resistance.


With greater bucket length, smaller side depth and improved bucket geometry, eiengineering’s Deep Trench Bucket allows efficient digging of narrow trenches without the need for bulk excavation. They are also ideal for digging wet materials, using less power, less fuel and saving time.

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