Design Principles

For over a decade, eiengineering have committed to relentless product innovation, designing and developing the highest performing buckets and attachments available on the market today.

In order to change anything, we must continually look at the way we look at things, the way we think about things, the way we act about things and the people we rely on.

At eiengineering, our challenge is to constantly look at ways to improve what we do, how we do it, and that the products we produce perform better for our customer.

Scientifically engineered with earth-dynamic all of our attachments are designed to work more efficiently to produce the best outcome for their Contractor.

eiengineering’s revolutionary double radius bucket design uses Precision Geometry to cut through the ground more effectively while the self-fill action maximises bucket fill. Combined, this results in time and fuel savings with less wear.

Design Principles

Just as wind tunnels are used when designing, prototyping and perfecting aerodynamic Formula One racing cars to go as fast as possible, our R&D division uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to design and develop earth-dynamic buckets that move through the earth and dig as efficiently as possible. As the earth is 1200 times more resistant than air, better designed buckets that more through it with the least resistance save Contractors enormous sums of money.

Why All The Fuss?

The difference from F1 teams who spend tens of millions on research each year in the pursuit of the most aerodynamic design, is that it merely results in reduced track times of a fraction of a second faster.

Whereas R&D into earth-dynamic design with maximal bucket fills has taught us huge results can be achieved in the areas of reductions in operational time, fuel savings and reduced wear.

With over a decade of Research and Development, we’ve identified the following objectives as mandatory in building the most efficient and highest performing bucket.

Performance Design Objectives

  • Maximal digging force for the minimal amount of pressure exerted
  • Reduced power requirements and increased fuel economies
  • Compact design for greater break-out force without losing bucket capacity
  • Ensure only the G.E.T. penetrates the material
  • Bucket design mimics the geometry of the excavator

Final comparison tests are performed against our existing designs as well as standard and conventional buckets to ensure performance improvements.


Higher calibre buckets simply cost more to manufacture. The efficiency of the double radius bucket design in eiengineering buckets requires the entire back plate be rolled, whereas in a single-radius design, only a small part of the back plate needs to be rolled.

eiengineering buckets are constructed from eie80 grade high strength steel and while incurring higher costs than mild steel it provides a resonating long-term durability that is demanded for earthmoving.

The bet that we took was that while reducing initial profit margins, by building better buckets that have a lasting return for our customer’s investment, we would get more referrals through positive word of mouth and get our buckets onto many more excavators.

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