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Digging Square Holes Has Never Been Easier.

We know how important it is to have the right tools and equipment to get the job done fast and with 100% precision. When it comes to digging square holes, it’s never been easier than with our Vertical Digging Buckets.

These buckets are designed specifically for digging holes with square edges and a flat base. In other words, they are perfect for digging:

  • Swimming pools
  • Graves
  • Confined roadwork projects
  • Against Pits and footings

Vertical digging buckets are also known as:

  • Grave Digging Buckets
  • Grave Buckets
  • Cemetery Buckets
  • Square Hole Buckets

This type of bucket is often used anywhere vertical digging is required.

Vertical digging is done in confined spaces or when a job needs you to dig trenches against footings. They also apply where any other deep, vertical digging is needed.

But what makes our vertical digging bucket different? At eiengineering, we design all of our excavator buckets and attachments with one goal in mind: To increase productivity.

How Does Our Vertical Digging Bucket Compare?

When compared to other vertical digging buckets, the eiengineering vertical digging bucket has a unique design that increases speed and the versatility of your excavator.

In particular, the “Hangers” (bucket ears) are designed so that the bucket crowds a lot more for maximum vertical digging depth. The double radius bucket profile also means that you can generate a bigger breakout and more power through the ground with less drag.

The results? Less stress on the excavator, so you can dig more in less time. Another bonus is fuel efficiency – and who doesn’t want to save on fuel?

Just like all of our other excavator attachments, the eiengineering Vertical Digging Bucket is also constructed using high strength steel. This ensures that the bucket has excellent durability and longevity – perfect for the tough digging conditions in Australia and for any job with high demands.

When being efficient and precise with your work is essential, investing in the right equipment can truly go a long way. If you’ve ever experienced buckets or other earthmoving attachments that quickly start to fall apart only after a few uses, then you know exactly what we mean! You need tools that you can rely on to minimise downtime.

eiengineering promises value and lasting durability so you can focus on the task without hassle, helping you get the job done quicker and more accurately than ever before.

Our Vertical Digging Buckets are available for excavators from 2.5T to 6T and come in widths 300mm or 450mm.

Contact us for a price today on 1300 852 820.
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