GP Digging Bucket – 13 tonne

Significantly reduce your operating costs and maximise your work output with our latest turbo designed GP Digging Bucket.

Our pioneering GP Digging Bucket is scientifically engineered with earth-dynamic design to cut through the ground with minimal resistance and drag to unleash devastating power and performance. eiengineering GP Digging Buckets generate more breakout force, collect more material and reduce time and fuel costs.


Designed in our R&D division and refined for close to a decade by our team of expert engineers, the GP Digging Bucket is our staple bucket design. It’s packed with innovative features: an explosive double radius design for a shorter pin-to-point dimension* that increases digging force, resulting in more brutal power at the teeth and easier bucket filling.

As a result, only the teeth and side-cutting edges come in contact with the material. This prevents the bucket heel from ploughing into the ground like the flat bottom single radius bucket, losing power and adding strain to the excavator.

Buckets that use only a single radius back plate have a longer pin-to-point dimension* which, while reducing the manufacturing cost of the bucket, also reduces its performance.

* pin-to-point dimension = the distance between the centre of the front pin of the bucket and the tip of
the teeth.

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