Warranty Terms and Conditions

eiengineering offer a 1 year replacement guarantee against manufacturing defects on all of our attachments. This warranty applies to all eiengineering supplied attachment parts and includes welding and construction materials used to manufacture the attachments and warrants against premature wear or poor workmanship

This warranty does NOT apply to wear parts such as G.E.T., side cutters, bucket pins and any other add-on parts such as hydraulic cylinders, and hydraulic lines.  

This warranty does NOT apply to custom made attachments.  

eiengineering are a Company that promotes itself to be fair and objective at all times, with a focus on our customer and “the best solution”. We expect our customers to abide by the “spirit” of fairness in all and any claims, so that we can all achieve the best outcome. 

This guarantee covers the attachment for use under normal expected working conditions and does not cover misuse of the attachment whether it be intentional or unintentional, for applications outside the normal scope of the attachment.  

What isn’t covered

General maintenance parts, regular product checks and any form of neglect, misuse or damage, are not covered by this Warranty. It would be impossible to supply a complete list here. However, here are a few useful guidelines.  

General maintenance

This includes services such greasing all greaseable parts, regular visual checks of any and all high stress parts, GET, Pins, greaseable areas. In fact, any area that can be recognised as a wear or maintenance area.  

Use of unspecified liquids and lubricants

Only high viscosity grease should be used in any earthmoving attachment.  

Neglect and Misuse

This includes:  

  • Misuse or abuse of the attachment caused by overloading or general neglect  
  • Using the product after the defect is known  
  • Failure to carry out proper maintenance  
  • Alteration or modifications of the product by anyone not authorised by eiengineering  
  • Fitting of parts or accessories not recommended by eiengineering  
  • Any work carried out on the attachment by anyone except eiengineering or a dealer authorised by eiengineering 

This includes, but is not limited to, damage caused by:  

  • An accident, fire or theft  
  • Industrial fallout, chemicals or sealants  
  • Atmospheric fallout including flood, hail and salt costs you still need to cover 

This warranty covers the attachments itself and eiengineering may elect to offer a repair to the attachment if: 

  • A replacement attachment is not in stock or no longer produced by eiengineering 
  • Time constraints are such for the customer, that it is quicker to repair the attachment locally 
  • It is considered that the fault is minor and will not affect the overall performance of the attachment at present or in the future to carry out the performance of its duties. 
 This warranty does not cover the cost of:  
  • Pick up or delivery of equipment 
  • Installation or other labour charges 
  • Rental or replacement of equipment during repair period 
  • Freight charges for equipment or replacement parts 
  • Travel time or mileage. 

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