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eiengineering Queensland Excavator Attachments
An artist's impression of the Adventure Waters Water Park. Source: The Cairns Post

The $45 million Adventure Waters theme park project near Smithfield in Cairns, Queensland is coming along nicely! Projects like this could really use eiengineering Queensland Excavator Attachments to get the job done efficiently.

The Adventure Waters theme park project was approved in 2009 after years of planning with construction finally starting only mid-2015. Due to a negotiation fall out, construction of the theme park came to a halt. With many legal, investment and economic hurdles to go through, large-scale projects like this often take 7-10 years to actually be completed. The Adventure Waters theme park project is waiting on a four-year construction extension with plans to commence construction in a year-and-a-half from now.

The Cairns Post says that international investors are actively seeking projects to back in Queensland and Cairns, especially with regular direct flights to and from China. Chinese investors tend to invest where people visit as they view it as solid investment opportunities.

With a positive outlook in the Queensland market, Contractors will need to keep up with demand and find ways to minimise cost and improve time of project delivery – especially for large-scale projects! Read this article to learn why using efficient Queensland excavator attachments are important for the bottom line.

Save time and cost with eiengineering high performance excavator attachments

Large-scale projects like theme parks and shopping centres tend to have very time sensitive project delivery times and high input cost. At eiengineering, we understand the success of the project is highly dependent on delivering the project on time and on budget. That’s why our Australian-designed excavator buckets and attachments are scientifically engineered to enhance machine performance. Our earth-dynamic design cuts through the ground with minimal resistance and drag to unleash devastating digging power and bucket capacity. Our revolutionary double radius bucket design allows us to dig more efficiently, faster and at a lower cost. Read more about eiengineering’s excavator bucket design and technology.

Calculate your cost savings

Your choice of excavator attachments can dramatically impact your project performance. Contact us to find out how much money you can save in fuel, operator and service costs by using eiengineering excavator buckets and attachments. On a 5 tonne machine you could save around $25k per year. The bigger the machine, the bigger the savings. Contact us to find out more.

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