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GE Mining
BHP Billiton

Highest grade steel

All attachments are constructed from high grade Bisalloy, making them 3 times stronger and more abrasion resistant than mild steel.


Fast 7 day delivery

We stock over 2,000 excavator buckets in our warehouse at all times, allowing us to ship within 3 days Australia wide so you meet your tightest deadlines.

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Earth-dynamic design

Our buckets earth-dynamic design guarantees 30% greater performance, so you get your job done faster while saving on fuel and running costs.

Welcome To The Most Advanced
Excavator Buckets On The Market.

Our buckets are designed to dig more efficiently and easily so
that you can save up to 30% on your fuel and running costs!


It’s Simple. Just as wind tunnels are used when designing aerodynamic Formula One cars to go as fast as possible, our R&D division design and develop earth-dynamic buckets that move through the earth and dig as efficiently as possible.

Conventional buckets have a flat bottomed design that when moving in the natural arc of the excavator arm, the heel of the bucket drags and grinds into the material using extra power and fuel with every load.

Every eiengineering bucket employs the ground-breaking double radius bucket design, so ONLY the G.E.T penetrates the material and the rest of the bucket glides behind the teeth through the cut collecting the dug soil quickly and efficiently.

Watch The Video To See How Earth-Dynamic Design Works & see the Latest Performance Test Supported by the CCF.